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JamesSir is your personal home care assistant.

It helps you to keep track of the products you bought and you are used to stock in your pantry like grocery items. It will help you to remember how many items left, check their expiry dates, suggest recipes, it proposes discounts based on your favourite products.
We were doing a design refresh of our iOS and Android app while adding a few new screens. Ash Team was very easy to work with. They jumped on a video call to learn more about my project and spoke English fluently. On the call they was very professional and to the point, which I loved. They were very quick to get back to me with a quote and timeline and once we started the contract they were sending back work for review almost immediately. Working with Ash was very easy and pleasant:
- I was very happy with her designs and the speed at which they worked.
- They was very quick to respond to my suggestions and apply requested changes.
- We wrapped up the work within schedule and a with room to spare on the budget.
I'll definitely reach out to them again for future work.